About us

Hi, I'm Tom Louwagie. I started to build cryptocareers.dev to make it easier for Web3 developers to find their next job or project.

Our manifesto consists of four core ideas:

  1. Developer first
  2. 100% transparency
  3. Referral based
  4. Inclusive hiring

Our Manifesto

Developer first

We are here to help you get a great job in 2 to 4 weeks. Once you create an account companies apply to you, not the other way around. You can decline or accept interview requests anonymously. No more endless applications on job boards or company websites.

100% transparency

Developers and companies can chat directly. Job ads include all info including salary, devs negotiate themselves. Companies must be responsive and always give feedback after interviews, developers will be honest about their intentions up front.

Referral based

CryptoCareers is a community for developers, by developers. To enter the network directly you need to get a referral from a member or pass our community based technical vetting.

Inclusive hiring

We help everyone to find the best jobs in Web3, from Juniors to Senior developers and Tech Leads. Companies do not pay a hiring fees for recent graduates or for developers from underrepresented groups.

Any questions? Contact us at contact@cryptocareers.dev