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Founding Smart Contract Engineer


About Citrus

Citrus is a platform that enables investors to buy and sell shares in private companies. Millions of investors across the US are currently disqualified from investing in startups, as they don’t meet the government’s arbitrary definition of a competent, “accredited” investor.

Our mission is to create a more inclusive and accessible financial system, one that is void of qualifications that fortify our country’s growing socioeconomic divide.

We’re a team of passionate builders working to make our vision for a more inclusive financial system a reality. We envision a future where investing in startups is as common as investing in the stock market.

We’re looking for people who share our desire to change how private markets work and are willing to dedicate their time to make it happen.

More specifically we are looking for:

  • A strong background in building successful products or systems from the ground up
  • The ability to wear many hats and take ownership of a wide variety of responsibilities
  • A drive to have a meaningful impact on the product and the company
  • A willingness to take risks and experiment
  • The ability to solve problems where no precedent or clear truth exists

Your responsibilities will include:

  • The architecture and development of a sophisticated trading system that will undergo testing by the SEC and similar regulatory bodies
  • The development of smart contracts that represent assets worth millions of dollars
  • Addressing random, unforeseen complications that occur when creating a system that has limited similarities to existing products


  • A robust understanding of EVM and Solidity
  • Curiosity
Job type
$80k – $140k, 2.0% – 10.0%
Date published
November 4, 2022
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